The Best Vitamins and Minerals for Optimal Health in Women

Physiological Uniqueness Creates Specific Needs

Dynamic endocrine activities governing the menstrual cycle along with demands of pregnancy and lactation mean micronutrient status greatly impacts a woman’s quality of life. These nutrient-intensive processes also interact with lifestyle variabilities around diet, stress levels and toxin exposure influencing individual needs.

Additionally, modern environmental depletion of once nutrient-dense soils translates into relatively lower vitamin and mineral levels in produce. Therefore, even a well-balanced diet may not provide sufficient quantities for optimal cellular functioning. Let’s review hero ingredients for bridging the most common nutritional gaps.

Key Micronutrients for Women’s Health


This mineral plays a crucial role in hemoglobin delivering oxygen throughout the body and to a developing baby. Pair iron-rich foods like spinach, nuts and red meat with vitamin C from colourful fruits and veggies aiding absorption.

NAO SuperGreens adds both in an optimally bioavailable form to circumvent common deficiencies causing symptoms like chronic tiredness, frequent infections and pale skin tone.


In addition to bone density maintenance, calcium proves vital for cardiovascular, skin, joint and muscular health. Since needs increase during pregnancy and breastfeeding, many women come up short.

NAO SuperGreens includes marine algae delivering highly absorbable calcium plus collagen-producing silica helping bones stay resilient and flexible simultaneously.


This jack-of-all-trades mineral partakes in over 600 bodily processes - from detoxification to protein synthesis influencing premenstrual headaches, anxiety, insomnia, cramps and metabolism.

Paired with calcium, NAO SuperGreen’s formula features magnesium from artichokes and pumpkin seeds better supporting hormonal harmony throughout life’s phases.


Folic acid comprises a crucial B-vitamin (B9) driving cellular replication and renewal influencing skin regeneration, heart health and red blood cell production. But most importantly for fetal development minimizing risks of neural tube defects.

NAO SuperGreens contains active folate from lemon peel and other citrus bioflavonoids promoting fertility and wide-ranging wellness.

Vitamin D

Popularly known for its mood balancing effects, vitamin D significantly enables calcium absorption making it equally vital for bone density, immune function and inflammatory regulation.

While sunshine serves as an ideal source when possible, NAO SuperGreen includes lichen-derived D3 ensuring you meet needs even during winter months or increased time indoors.

Additional Targeted Support

Hormonal Balancing Adaptogens

NAO’s proprietary mushroom blend contains reishi, shiitake, maitake and other adaptogenic fungi helping modulate signals along the endocrine axis. This tempers PMS, perimenopause, menstrual and fertility struggles by nourishing glandular tone and cellular sensitivity to signals like estrogen and progesterone as they ebb and flow.

Cognitive Enhancement

From supporting students cramming for exams to professionals navigating menopause while caring for aging parents, lion’s mane mushroom uniquely stimulates nerve growth factor shown to elevate memory, mood, learning capacity and focus - especially when demand outstrips bandwidth. Relief that works!

Microbiome Probiotic Rebalancing

With up to 95% of serotonin origin synthesized in the gut, balancing microbiome flora directly influences anxiety, depression and inflammatory response. During times of intense transition, stress or travel, probiotic formulas defend and restore commensal ratios through targeted strains leaving you empowered.

Pure Efficacy Without Synthetics

Rather than creating dependence on isolated chemicals, whole food ingredients synergistically nourish innate physiology. This holistic ethos manifests supplement solutions flexibly aligning with each woman’s ever-evolving essence through purely gifted nutrition.

Commit To Your Greatest Vital Expression!

While modern life presents immutable stressors, intentionally bridging nutritional gaps lifts burdens off innate thrivingness. Rather than bare tolerance, choose to abundantly blossom by offering your continual self the vitamins & minerals found here biohacking destiny’s call...joyfully!

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