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Top NAO Supplements to Effectively Lower High Cortisol Levels

What Is Cortisol and What Does It Do?

Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced and released by the adrenal glands on command via the HPA axis when we experience physical or emotional stressors which are interpreted by the amygdala region of the brain as threats requiring a biological response.

In small bursts, cortisol activates glucose metabolism, heightens immunity activity and mental vigilance so we can act quickly and decisively when facing suddenly dangerous situations. This stimulates the sympathetic nervous system into the well-known “fight or flight” physiological reaction.

Once a threat passes, cortisol levels then lower allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to promote “rest and digest” functions through triggering calming neurotransmitters like serotonin while slowing heart rate.

The Damaging Effects of Excess Cortisol

Under normal conditions, cortisol fluctuates on consistent daily circadian cycles allowing the body to maintain homeostasis. But when stressors feel emotionally or physically unrelenting due to demanding jobs, financial threats, relationship issues, poor diet and lack of exercise/recovery practices - cortisol secretion can get stuck “turned on” at chronically elevated levels.

Over weeks and months, higher than normal baseline cortisol has massively detrimental impacts including:

  • Impaired cognitive function and memory formation
  • Blood sugar imbalance and increased abdominal fat storage
  • Lowered immunity and inflammatory conditions in the digestive tract and joints
  • Disruption of sleep cycles and insomnia
  • Imbalanced hormonal activity leading to fatigue, low mood, anxiety, brain fog or mood swings

Essentially years of stress overloads the entire endocrine system, progresses inflammation that manifests in weight gain and disease processes, while accelerating brain aging and neural degradation manifesting in “mental burnout”.

How Adaptogenic Mushrooms Lower Cortisol

NAO's proprietary mushroom blend artfully combines lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, and other medicinal fungi to alleviate high cortisol from chronic stressors at the biological root. These tonic mushrooms contain active compounds like hericenones and triterpenes which rebalance hormone equilibriums.

The hippocampus of the brain monitors blood cortisol levels to trigger negative feedback cessation signals when healthy baselines have been exceeded. But long term stressful stimulus can impair sensitivity leading to less regulated feedback activity. The tailored mushroom adaptogens potentiate these regulatory effects so that adrenal glands received amplified “stop pumping cortisol!” messaging when the hypothalamus has sufficiently elevated concentrations from overloaded stimulation.

This tempers the intensity and length of cortisol secretion to prevent excessive total output. In essence the mushroom adaptogens help cortisol better “turn itself off” once triggered by perceived threats and stressors. This gives time for parasympathetic relaxation to emerge facilitating digestion, immunity defense and emotional balance.

Additional Lifestyle Adjustments Are Key

While potent at reducing systemic cortisol over 2-3 months consistent use, NAO's mushrooms operate most effectively alongside lifestyle measures like routine exercise, sufficient sleep, a balanced whole foods diet low in refined sugars, plus mindfulness practices. Ensuring healthy lifestyle foundations will amplify cortisol balancing effects.

Antioxidant Effects of NAO SuperGreens

Interestingly, research also indicates supplementation with antioxidant-rich greens formulas can likewise significantly reduce cortisol exposure without direct hormonal actions.

Compounds like quercetin found in NAO SuperGreens modulate cortisol-sensitive neuron activation at the gene expression level. Antioxidants also mitigate impacts of acute cortisol surges. By reducing oxidative stress in the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex and amygdala, inflammation from cortisol diminishes greatly lowering systemic damage.

The concentrated blend of digestion-enhancing enzymes, fibers and phytochemicals in SuperGreens additionally helps repair the gut lining reducing inflammation - a key precursor to normalizing cortisol levels long run. Through both direct cortisol pathway support alongside anti-inflammatory mechanisms, NAO SuperGreens synergistically amplifies cortisol balancing effects.

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